exhibition at katakombe by Oliver Leins

let’s kick off 2016 with a little energy!

I invite all of you to head across to my first exhibiton of this year, taking place on march 23rd at katakombe (dymamo) in zürich.

no matter whether it’s for a chat or to buy some of my latest work, all I want you to do is expect more than just another batch of pictures…

…or maybe even more than “only” photographs, that is.

I’ll see you there!

velvet two stripes by Oliver Leins

hey folks!

after quite some time of silence, here comes a big one: an assignment by rock band velvet two stripes, covering several concerts as well as album and single artworks.


for maximum viewing pleasure, check out their kickass debut album on iTunes or go see them live on november 13th, together with no one less than the legendary uriah heep. don't miss that one!


ready for delivery by Oliver Leins

finally, the prints of my first exhibition have arrived and are ready to be delivered to their new owners. in the coming two days, I’ll contact each of you individually.

apart from my customers, I also send my heartfelt thanks to every visitor and the whole staff at karussell, whose incredibly dedicated work made this exposition possible after all.

I'm very pleased how things are developing.

you rock!

exhibition at karussell by Oliver Leins

hey everyone!

even though smiling wolf launched less than a month ago, I already invite you all to my first exhibition which is taking place…

  • …at karussell (zweierstrasse 38 / 8004 zürich).
  • …from february 27th until march 8th.

so bring all your friends and families, no matter whether it’s for a chat or buying some of the work that is on display.

see you there!

welcome by Oliver Leins

smiling wolf is all about fine art, surrealism, still life imagery, music and event photography.

as it is my follow-up venture to indieGO, all projects started in recent months will be published here and on my facebook page.

to break ground, I’m releasing the first set of my new fine arts project called the trauma. and to top it all off, you finally get to see the long awaited mannequine collection.

stay tuned for more!